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How to get V6 ticket Concert

Anyone know how to get V6 ticket concert for Kobe??.  Or maybe to help in japan auctions?

any information will be appreciated.  thx all

Nagano-mama feeds papa..hehe

Have you download o_e sub about sakamoto new drama??

Well, he looks so skinny in that.  Nagano-mama should feed him more,ne...like this:


I should finish the typeset not doing screencap like this..

Fun and Satisfying

I kinda forget when the first time I start subbing.  6 months ago? It's from Music Station that been translated by Junmilk.(It's being reencoded by my best friend, Haiqa here).It;s a long time ago and I still remember the fun and the satisfying feeling doing it.

and now, joining Vi6es and subbing video/clips regularly, the feeling is still there.  The fun in subbing.

Why I raise this topic.  It's because I have the feeling it now.  I'm currently typeset the GEI Winter SP.. and It's fun, entertaining.. I have a loud of laugh subbing this and sometimes touch by one or two scene in this clips.  yeaaah.. I guess Gakkou E Ikkou never failed to make me happy.  Especially when I'm doing the sub like now. 

being in subbing team means you work with group of people doing subtitle to make a quality subtitle video/clips. It means you have deadline to meet and a quality you have meet. Being in subbing team with a busy life is a bad combination to have.  I say bad combination since you hardly have time to have your own time.  Me, I only have half an hour to browsing(fangirling). and now, to able to do subbing means that I have to sacrifice my sleep time.

But trust me.  It's worth it.  the fun you have in subbing is wort with it.  the satisfying you have after had your subbing done is precious.  and all the comment left by people in 1995toForever is just erasing all the effort  and tiredness you have in subbing.

I'm so lucky that I cab sub and share all the V6 clips with all of you guys.  I love being in this fandom.  and I want to keep this feeling..always...

Sep. 29th, 2009

Hey- hey..

long time not post an enry, ya.  I admit I'm not a journal person.  I had a blog before this LJ, but long time I don't update it so ya.. I'm just not a journal person. and I'm not an artistic person so that I didn;t feel that I have to add a pic in my LJ.. sorry.. it just take time to do it.  and Time is one thing I have limited now.

I want to try to write using bulleted list in case it increase my writting mood:
  • I just get back from my hometown, Ponorogo, small town in east Java with limitid internet access and even no esia signal. Believe me, It feels like heaven as no work calling that time.  every work called can be manage by saying "Sorry, I'm in the place where no internet access can be made".. he he..
  • But... the worse it.. when I get back, I still have 1 sub file in me that been typeseted for Vi6es team.  So, I kinda confused about sending it.  Finally manage to send it though.
  • Already get back to work yesterday with toooonnnns of work.. Geezzz.. all the vacation aura already vanished in the first 5 minutes I came to the office.
  • Oooh... I forget.. it's after lebaran or hari raya Idul Fitri.. So please kinda forgive all my mistake I made and let us open new page of friendship.. :)  and Happy Idul Fitri for you who celebrate it
  • When I open V6yagerindo, there so much info that I missed.  V6 in Asia..aaagghhh.. there's couple youtube about it.. and my fangirl side just want shut up...  they're so kakoi..me soooo envvvyyyyy..   I know.. I kinda late about this ya.
  • And all new entry in V6unlimited, 1995toforever, etc..  aaaghhh... too many things I want to download..
  • I'm bored.. I must stop now..

I'm in Love

I'm in Love with Sakamoto's voice...

I felt like I'm  flying to the sky when He sing the solo in Kokoro No Uta song in Vibes concert, then after that Inocchi's voice came duet with him.... aaaghh... melting..

have you listening to Jasmine - the laid back version.. it's the acoustic version of Jasmine, sang by Tonicen.. that song just a winner.

then.. in Vibes, an Erabu Ma ni Tobe song play along... and I just can't resist Go's rap... aaaggh.. I'm fall in love with Go..

and Do you heard about Kamisen concert?  ooohh..I wanna go..I wanna go..I wish I can go..  btw, good luck with Rachie!! She's planning to watch it in Hokkaido.. Wish she can go and watch there..




I'm Stress. Stress of Work.

Continued of my hectic of work, that I should go to office not on the usual time (usually people got to work from 8am to 5pm, my office hour is 8 to 12pm, 7 pm is  the tearlies I got home).   But, it turns out that it still... not enough... My work is not close to finish.  even now, I'm still swamped at work although it almost midnight.

I've already ask help to my boss 2 months ago before I got sick and hospitalized.  But it seems that my boss unable to find me a person to help me and left me alone at the tons of work. 

And it result on many issues in my part. issue that makes the project got delayed.

Oh, before I continue.. I'm a consultant.. Oracle Consultant. So, we implement Oracle project.  In this project, I got 3 module in my responbility(Receivables, General Ledger, and Cash management). It turns out that it too much for me.  the scope of work is not something that I can handle myself.

Now, Everybody mad at me.. even my own team. mmmh..  *sigh

I love my job.. I really do.. and It tooks 2 years to be in this state, "to be in love with my job".  But if, this condition continue like this. It hard for me to love it.. The job has taken my life away from me, even my health.  and I hardly found a motivation to work recently, except that I can't let anybody dispointed.

i wish I can be like Nagano-kun who hardly find hardship, tiredness and I never heard him complaining.

I wish I can be like Inocchi who always be positive and optimist. and seems always find a happiness in every moment, even the hardest moment.

I wish I can  be like Papa marsa, who always believe hardwork is the key and never afraid to failed.

I wish I can be like Okada-kun who never give up and always give the best of his action.(seeing too many shounen Okada!! he he)

and Go and Ken,.. who with their own way, can work out even hard situation they face.

lol..even in my stress situation, I somehow can relate it to V6.

mmmh... thinking of watching their show now...


Earthquake in Italy

I just heard the news that there's earthquake happened in Italy about 6,3 skala richter.  and read the update that the report about the number of victims is increase hour by hour.  So sad  about it.  I really hope that all of you living in Italy is Ok and the one who experience the earthquake, who loss their friend or family get strenght and  can get though all of this.. May god bless and protect you.

Especially for my penfriend, Serena.   Serena, who suddenly message me in facebook after 15 years lost contact with me.  I really worry about you and family.. I hope u and your family are OK.. I miss our chat...   Hope we can see each other  in Y messenger soon!


cannot hardsubbed..hiks


I cannot hardsubbed the Ogyaru buster -GEI 2002.09.24....
I've been trying to hardsub it using Virrtualdub for these 3 hours and still failed to do it.. mmhh..
It said there's discountinous timestamps found in the video.  Anyone heard?

Should I download the full file and re-split and re-join again?? and how can I do it so that the sub I've made is fit with it?

Should I redo the timing and typesetting again??

aaagghh.. it';s past 3 in the morning.. and I haven't find solution for this.

I hope when i got up today, there's an idea waiting..


I'm dreaming of Japan

I am busy..

Yes, my work is like hell. although it's fun and I enjoy it in every minute of my work

But today, it's different.  It's hard for me to concentrate on my work today. my mind is in somewhere else,  it's in Japan.

That's because that evil-but-tempting Citibank promo. "Jakarta-tokyo-Jakarta with JAL only 412 USD"..
What the $&%&%&%..?!?!

I had a trip plan to Hongkong  one month ago that was cancelled because I'm sick.  So,  I know the fare ticket JKT-HKg-JKT  is 450 USD using Garuda Indonesia. It's cheaper going to Tokyo than going to HK in much better airflight.
aaagghhh...... soooo tempting, isn't it?

So, don't blame me if I was only half concentrating today.. Today I was busy browsing to find the news, screaming about Japan in plurk every 5 minutes. and chat with friends who just been there last year with tight budget.

The bad news is: I don't have citibank.  I've rejected once since the salesperson is sooo anoyying calling me.(mind me. I don't like to be anoyed)
I do have  friends who has the card. but I don't know if the offer only applied to the card holder or not(should the name in the ticket is the same with the card holder name?)

and I have to find out if there are any other suspicios things..well, that such promotion ussually put little asterix below their promotion said " term and condition applied".  I need to know what term/condition the promotion are.

But...aagghh.. just thinking of it make me unable to concentrate to work(don't worry about subbing work, that's different).  Just thinking of it make me start planning anything if I were able to go there.  Just thinking of it made my hand and brain start calculating how much money I will spend in this trip if... I were able to go there).

I'm sure.. I will dream about Japan tonight.  Like I'm doing it now.

home on Time!!

Yippi!!  coming home now... and it's stil 6 PM..

At last.. after couple of week going home at midnight..  today I can see the sun set in my way back home...

Aahh.. I miss seing the sun when i was waiting for the bus to go home.

Jya everyone.